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True North

A Collection of Adirondack Short Fiction
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Bill McKibben, Author/Environmentalist/Activist

These are very fine...The main character seems to be the town or really, the transitions as the town changes with history.  It's a local story, and a generational one, and in both cases, profound and fascinating.
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Sterling Goodspeed lives and works in North Creek, NY,  with his wife Susan, who together run a small town law office.  He has lived the majority of his life in his hometown, raising two children there and volunteering and advocating for economic growth, historic preservation and other local issues.  The Goodspeed Family has called North Creek home for seven generations.

True North is a collection of short stories tracing the history of a rural Adirondack community over the past sixty years. Each story provides a snapshot of a different time period in one small town, introducing the reader to a variety of characters and plot lines that illustrate the eclectic nature of the Adirondack landscape. When taken together, the snapshots create a photo album that memorializes small town living over the last half century.

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